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I am free!

Submitted my thesis last week. Worked till 6am, sent my final draft to my supervisor, and went to bed. Didn't really sleep though, as I set my alarm at 8am, and by then, my supervisor had already emailed me the final edits required. I incorporated the final changes, and saved a few copies to my pen drives, to dropbox, before I showered and headed off to uni to print.

Deadline was at 12pm, I was at the print shop at around 10.30am. It was a super cheerful asian lady. The print shop was empty, probably because it was Stuvac. Printed the entire thing in colour, cost me a fortune. But luckily the lady kindly gave me some discounts, so nice of her.

Took a few photos of them before I handed them in. Uni is finally over!!! ...OR probably not??!

One of the best things being with Jay, is that he is interesting. He's smart. Because, you know, I am already smart, so I need someone smarter for some stimulation. (Just kidding!! :-p)

I called him right after I finished posting the photos on…

Video: Happy Dad's Day

Today is father's day? Opps...I am too busy to care...vomiting blood + words trying to complete my thesis!!! due Wednesday!!!

Anyway, I am sure there are plenty of good sons like you out there.

SO I want to share this with you. Jay shared this with me. (Proper referencing you see!)

I got no guts to share this on my FB haha!

Feel Loved

Ahh...I am so not productive today. 
Probably I slept late last night (2am, as I worked till quite late amending my work). 
Today, there was a house meeting at the place I live. Had to go coz it's 'compulsory', but anyway I had my laptop with me, didn't bother! 
Feeling stressed, and have been telling myself not to, because being stressful doesn't help a thing. 
Have also been telling myself that ' what's between me and success/completion, is myself.'
Hopefully tomorrow will be super duper productive. Two weeks to submission. 
Jay came over just now! I told him that I was tired and needed massage coz my neck felt like it was going to break. Too much staring at the computer. 
Bought myself a laptop stand, hopefully it will be delivered by tomorrow as promised. 
Oh, back to Jay. He brought me so much stuff! Like he was going to the temple! Haha..coz there were cakes & bread & biscotti that he baked, a 'kuih' that his mum bought, and a mand…