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I Wish I Were...

A billionaire 

I wish I were...

A guy who is more daring? (or is it called masculine?) (or actually mad?)
Who likes to surf, climbs the cliffs, jumps off from planes, etc.
Someone who is not afraid of this and that. Someone who is able to do what other DUDES do.

I wish I were someone who is ultra low-maintenance. Who is able to go on an overseas trip for several weeks with only a 7-kg backpack checked in as a hand carry.
Someone whose skin is innately antimicrobial, who doesn't need to carry 3-5 bottles of skin care products with them while travelling.

I wish I were someone who is super confident, who doesn't mind small things, who is insensitive in a good way, who is able to befriend virtually anyone.
Actually maybe just having some good Male, non-Gay friends. And say: Why not? I am just being normal, doing what other BLOKES do. 

Imagine you have been together for almost a year.

Ok, fine, not 'you have been', it's ME.

Okay, so we have been together for almost a ye…