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If you fail to plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

AND, be mindful of the moment, where you are at, and what you are doing.

There are the two things that I picked up yesterday, during a 'group activity' at the place I live.

Like I've said before, I was kinda different compared to how I am now. Especially during Form 4 and Form 5, I was very determined to be the best student. I am constantly making plans to study and I felt good after doing the revisions. Sometimes, my mum would walk past my room and stood just outside the door, quietly observing me studying, and probably feeling proud of how hardworking her son was.

Also, be mindful of the present. Think about why am I here (why am I in Australia? Why am i living in this accommodation? How long have I been here? What is the time now? Eh, I am typing out a blog post now...etc)

Think about the goals in the short term (complete my degree), in the medium term (where to settle down, what to do...)

In 2013 at least, I wasn't doi…

I am horny

Emailed my supervisor yesterday, asking for the meeting scheduled today to be canceled because I haven't done enough preparation/work to meet with her yet. 
I was super nervous in the past few days as I got an email from one of the firms, asking me to complete an online interview. 
So I couldn't work on my research and had to spend time, thinking about questions they might ask me so that I could prepare the answers! 
Luckily my friend was very helpful and generous with sharing her experience with me, and a 'new friend' I met on Jack'D that gave me some very useful tips too. 
I had about 7 days to work on my research (as i meet with my supervisor weekly). The first 4 days just burnt, because I was lazy. The remaining 3 days, because of the interview. So I am one week behind my schedule now!!
The supervisor replied this morning, saying it was ok to call off the meeting, but she asked 'do you mind telling me what you did during the week?'. I haven't replie…

Coming Out

This is a Taiwanese show talking about parents' and the children's perspectives on the issue of coming out. 
I really feel like getting to know these individuals and giving them a hug. They are just so beautiful. We are beautiful. To 99.99 % of us, being gay is not a choice. And by listening to their coming out experiences, I feel affirmed and am glad that we are not just sexual beings, and we should never walk down the path of being obsessed with cocks and 6-packs, we still belong to a wider society and deep down, it's our families that we want to gain acceptance from. 
I love coming out stories. They are so precious in my opinion, almost more important than my first sexual encounter. 
And there's one point raised by one of the guests in the show. 
'If children born with disabilities are often given names/ treated by their parents as angels, as special gifts from God, then why can't parents whose children are gays view their children as special rather than ab…

Not ready to love

Naming a blog post can be difficult, especially for a blog like this, where I normally write about daily/trivial/boring stuff. (So you guys have nothing better to do than to read my blog? LOL)

It's especially at times like this that I feel like writing.

I am feeling kinda lost. I hope by writing i can somehow straighten my thoughts a bit.

Woke up.
Had breakfast. (Two slices of multigrain with Nutella plus Coffee)
Lazed around a bit on the bed, checking phone, FB, instagram, twitter, emails, whatsapp, etc.
Washed up.
Went to work.
At work, did a bit of this and that. Lazed around, bought lunch and ate in the office. Lazed around, finished work.
Tried to nap. Ex msged me.
Can't sleep.
Feeling weird.
Feeling disrupted.
Had dinner. Didn't feel like studying.
Wanted to play Dota, but had internet connection problem.
Fixed problem. Insisted on playing at least a game.
Feeling guilty.
Had shower. Writing this now. And it's 11.20pm already.

I did a rough calculation the other …

Week in Review; Balderdash

Another week has passed...

Nothing special really, but isn't it nice to have a normal, ordinary, uneventful week?

The weather here in Sydney has been quite erratic in the last few days. Weatherzone, which is usually very reliable (with its 'next 48 hours' forecast especially), had predicted the weather wrongly for quite a few times in just last week.

There were thunderstorms. Very rare. Thunder/ Lightning is almost a once-a-year-thing for Sydney.

The good thing about thunderstorms is that they pass by fairly quickly. They don't linger for days. So we still got to enjoy the warmth from the sun.

While I was walking (I couldn't remember if it was today or another day), I suddenly realised how much peace I had at that moment.

Really, the peace that was totally elusive in 2013. Suddenly, I realised I was having it back. How wonderful!

Yes, I am still stressed by the loads of readings that I have to do, and writings afterwards. I still have the Fungi Problem to worry ab…

The Fungi Problem

Arghhhh!!!! Finally, finally I get to squeeze out some time and write something.

In fact, I wasn't so super busy la, i did allow myself to slack last Friday and Sunday, I let myself to just burn the time away during those two days with Dota and JackD.

I was in the library mostly throughout last week, delving into annual reports. It's actually quite interesting to see how an organisation evolved through the years. And I was touched, yes touched, by the fact that these people were actually so knowledgeable already well before I was born. Twenty plus years ago, they were already quite sophisticated, they took things seriously, with proper planning. It was just beautiful, to read something written so many years ago. And I wonder, did they at the time of writing, expect someone in my generation to read it?

Ok, back to the topic Fungi.

Fungi (plural), fungus (singular). Mushroom is fungi.

I mentioned it previously that on the day before I left home for Sydney, there was obvious itch…


Don't judge me. 
End of Post. 
LOL. So, I got myself my very first pair of Crocs clogs. 
Ok, why the need? Because of the suspected case of Athlete's Foot, I want to keep my feet as dry and airy as possible. (Arghh...I hate this AF thing, will have another post about it!) 
In order to still look presentable enough on Slippers/Flip Flops/Thongs, I had to shop for something nice and comfortable. 
So, I came across this Crocs website. It's got an AU website now, and it provides free delivery for purchases of $50 or more. 
I was hesitant about getting myself these 'clogs', so I ended up buying a pair of flip flops from Crocs. I thought, since Crocs' main selling point is comfort, the flip flops it makes shouldn't be too bad after all. 
But I was wrong. It cut my feet. You know the inverted 'V' shaped rubber stripes on flip flops? They cut my feet. Not only was it hurting my feet, I was also worried that the cuts and wounds would aggravate existing condit…

Mardi Gras dinner

Finally got the chance to meet up with Hx ever since he got back to Sydney.

It was Mardi Gras parade last night, but both of us didn't feel like going to watch the parade. It was rainy, wet and cold in Sydney.

So, we decided to meet up anyway for dinner. He brought his bf's sis with him. Ok, I haven't gotten Hx's permission, but i guess he wouldn't know I am writing about him! (so unethical eh!)

So, Hx's bf is a Thai. During his recent trip to Thailand, he even visited his bf's parents. And, they were so super open about it. The bf was out to the parents already. But what shocked me was that the parents actually questioned Hx about his role- Top  or Bottom!

Anyway, the sis just came to Sydney to study too and so they are living together. I don't know how it works out with the sex part since all three of them are staying under the same roof.

It was good seeing you again Hx!

And, I had been chatting with this guy from Malaysia for the past few days. I di…

History: Mardi Gras Sydney

Plagiarised from Today, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s most famous and well-loved events, bringing thousands of visitors to Sydney to join in the celebrations. It captures the imagination of Australia’s LGBTQI and mainstream communities, taking over the city for weeks on end, culminating in the world-famous Parade: a colourful and dazzling night of pride, celebration and self-expression. This year, we celebrate the 35th anniversaryof our festival, and remember that it was not always like this, however.
So how did Mardi Gras reach this iconic status? The ironic thing is that the key reason for its success was the opposition it faced when it began. The first march took place on Saturday 24th June 1978at 10pmand it was met with unexpected police violence.

Mardi Gras was Sydney’s contribution to the international Gay Solidarity Celebrations, an event that had grown up as a result of the Stonewall riots in New York. Mardi Gras was one of a series …