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We Met Again

Finally, the day had arrived.

I got an email from Jay at 12.03am. I was thinking of emailing him earlier last night to 'remind' him of his promise to get in touch. I was glad that he got in touch with me as soon as the clock struck 12am.

He decided the time while I picked the place. We met at 2pm at a nearby cafe. I got a text from him saying that he already had lunch and that he was parking his car. He asked me to go ahead and have lunch first.

Food wasn't the priority today. To me, food only served the purpose of providing us a place to sit and talk.

It was the first time he saw me with my expensive sunglasses. No compliments, unfortunately.

I was trying really hard to suppress my feelings. Excited, happy, nervous, etc. I was determined to not let them show. So I had to put on a serious and cool face all the time.

It felt a bit awkward to talk. And I wasn't quite sure what were the right things to say. I didn't want to talk about 'sensitive' things. Same …

What would happen tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the day. I am sure he won't forget about his promise to contact me.

Is he going to email me? call me? or arrange for a meet up?

Or is he going to just text me and say, actually there is nothing more that he wants to say and that's it.

Little Things to be Grateful For

1) I went shopping yesterday. Bought a pair of Jeans and a t-shirt from Gap. 20% off for purchases of two items or more.

I think i have lost patience or rather the passion for shopping for clothes. When I was younger, in primary school, I would lay my t-shirt and my pants on the bed to see if they were matching. I remember one day when my family decided to go to Malacca to shop, I found out that my favourite pair of pants was still in the laundry basket. I was really upset, and I cried. And I started to whine about how pathetic my life was as I did not even have enough pairs of decent pants to wear out too. (I think I behaved like a drama queen back then) Anyway, my parents successfully convinced me to go. And as soon as we got there, the priority was to get me pants.

As I grew older, I cared less about the clothes that I put on. I would normally go for the clothes that have just been washed and stuffed back into the wardrobe because they are the most reachable and visible. As a resul…

Another 6 days to go

This is just another lonely night. Perhaps this is what my body is telling me to be.

There are people that I could (re)connect with, technically. Like the ex-housemates, like the (ex)friends from uni, like some of you that I have made personal contact with, etc. But I don't feel like meeting people, or even talking to people.

I am on Jack'D and I don't feel like even replying to msgs. Sometimes I even forgot I have Jack'D.

When I was with my First, he liked to rent DVDs from those kiosks/vending machines sometimes but I liked going to the cinemas instead. I had never thought about renting DVDs until last weekend. My internet quota was almost reached, and I had nothing better to do. And so, in an effort to up my own mood a little, I decided to give it a try. I rented <<Kingsman the Secret Service>> and was surprised that it was on special, only costed me $1. The next day I watched <<Avengers...Ultron>>, costed me $2. Kingsman was more my thing, A…