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You Are Amazing!

DearEST Jay, you are just so amazing!!! <3
This is a picture of what I found laying on the floor the yesterday morning when I came home from the airport. Just as most people who fly economy, I was exhausted as sleeping on the plane was impossible. I was also feeling a bit stressed knowing that I would have to deal with the mess I left behind before I left for Malaysia. 
I moved, just a few days before I went home. It took me the entire week, to move stuff over bit by bit. And FYI, stuff that I managed to move here only constitutes 30% of all my assets in my old room. I threw out a lot of stuff. 
Before I left, I had only spent a night at my new place (with Jay, refer to one of my previous posts). 
I was planning to 'close one eye', shower, and sleep straight away and deal with the mess later. 
I found a candle and a piece of paper. It took me a few seconds to realise that I didn't write/put the note on the floor myself before I left. Perplexed, I noticed Jay's sign…

A Little Summary

Have been writing less these days. It also means that I am spending less time summarising, thinking, reflecting, and communicating.

Studies: DONE for this level, but not finished yet. Got my results about a week ago (14 July?). Not tip-top, but OK la. I think as I grow older, I am more able to accept an outcome, even if it's not what I have wanted or hoped for.

I was in the lounge room at my old place, and was chatting with a housemate while I was on my way out to have breakfast. We were talking about the release of results on the new student portal. He said he got his, and so I tried it once again, and I saw my results. I couldn't speak literally. Not sure if he could sense anything. And without saying anything, I left the house and walked to my favourite cafe in the icy cold winter morning.

My mind was full of self-consoling words. Indeed, what more can I ask for. From 0 to xx. I was literally at 0 a year ago. And maybe 10, 3 months before the thesis was due. In the last 3 to…


The last couple of days were spent with Jay's friends from overseas. Felt good that he actually entrusted his friends to me for a day.

Also, more importantly, I saw how generous and kind he was to his friends, even though they were not that close.

There was a bit of 'drama' on the last day, most probably because I was stressed with the upcoming transitions. But hey, I still managed to pull through, and fortunately he did too. He's matured and considerate, most of the time la.

And one thing I really like about him is that he knew how to make me feel that he cared about me, when we were out with friends. He would hold my hands when we had the chance to, he would cut some food and put on my plate, etc. SO SWEET <3

Just got my results today. Not the best, but satisfactory la. Slightly disappointed at first, but I told myself that I should be grateful. I was literally at point zero six months ago. Now that I have successfully completed my course, not with flying colours,…

Our Firsts!

My first time running outdoor in Winter.

Our first time running together.

Our first sxx. Satisfying. Loving. Actually his first too.

Since I submitted my thesis, we have been going out and seeing each other a lot.

We bake together. Going out with his girlfriends. I cooked him dinner the other night (soup + another dish).

There was a bit of drama the other night. Probably I was too tired cooking and working, I was a bit emo and didn't want to talk to him. Kept pushing him away. Till the point he got annoyed and left my place at 6/7am. I went back to sleep till 10am. Dreamed about myself not letting him leave, but I didn't actually do anything when he was leaving. Anyway, I called him when I got up and thankfully he didn't ignore my call.

With Jay, there's always maturity and patience. He can be annoying at times, like standing behind me and 'supervised' me cleaning my room.

I think he's really my man:)