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You are belittling me

Feeling super sleepy now but I just want to write this down.

Finally completed the 2-day workshop on NVIVO today. The workshops started at 9am so I had to wake up at 7.50, hence the lack the sleep. These days I normally wake up at around 8.30 or 9.


Last night I had a dream. I think the person I saw and I spent time with was my prince charming. As far as I can remember, the setting was chaotic. There was a war, and the American soldiers were using sledgehammers to hit and kill the Korean/Chinese soldiers. (Why sledgehammers? I don't know. But it was brutal).

And then he was shielding me, telling me where to hide and reminding me to duck my head. We were spectating the war, maybe we were the commoners. I felt like it was an adventure, an exciting one with him. We must have been very close otherwise he wouldn't have been so protective of me.

And then I could remember a scene where we were topless. We were facing each other and had our arms wrapped around eac…