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Breaking the Barrier

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook. 
I really like to talk about /act out this kind of things. The reality is who doesn't fart? And to say excuse me and run to the toilet to fart is just so unnecessary la. (Well, public events excepted) 
After we got into the 'comfort stage' or whatever you call it, I actually didn't care so much anymore. And I think the first Overt Fart for him happened unwittingly. 
And since then, I just farted freely, without shame when I was with him. And the most evil fart would be the one done under the blanket. Yes, when you are sharing the blanket, and regardless of how silent your fart is, it will still get to your partner and it lingers! 
As I'm typing this, I can't help but to laugh, reminiscing those very unpleasant but 'truthful' moments. 
I miss the super annoyed face he gave me every time. I miss how worked up he got because of it. Hehehe. But he wasn't kind enough to reciprocate. 
Perhaps that's why…

Birthday Party

Attended the birthday party of a friend today. 
Woke up by the alarm at 8.15 but fell back to sleep till 9.30. Bought a Lychee, Lime & Coconut muffin and a cup of flat white for breakfast. Talked to the housemates in the lounge room though I knew I was running late. That's me, always late. 
On the train, i saw a boy around the age of 7 or 8 with his granny. I enjoyed listening (eavesdropping) to their conversation. 
They had a magazine filled with different types of desserts for the upcoming Christmas I supposed. The boy was reminding his granny that she promised to buy him something from the EB store. The granny, of course, said that she had forgotten about the promise. 
This reminded me about my childhood. I am really fortunate to have had grandparents looking after me. And I could still remember the little sweet moments I spent with them vividly. They are the best grandparents. 
I wanted to tell the boy so much that please cherish your time with your granny, and love her a…

Brazilian wax

Had a Brazilian wax done yesterday. 
Just thought of putting it here as it's quite an experience, perhaps when I look back at this space five years from now I may judge myself. 
Probably got influenced by porns, especially the western ones. My pubic area is quite hairy. Not sure if my ex ever made any comments about it. 
As I hadn't had any waxing experience, I initially just wanted him to wax the butt (including the area surrounding the hole). But It really wasn't as painful as I thought.  
So I asked him to also do my front. The part between the base of the dick and the ball was the most painful part. But still bearable. I didn't scream or moan or cry. Just sweated quite a bit. 
And if you're curious, no, he's not my type and i didn't have an erection. 
The challenge for the next few days would be to keep the area pimple free. Apparently many people would get pimples after waxing because bacteria could grow in the pores. 
Have started using anti bacterial wash a…

Memory of you: DIY camera

Went to the uni today to hand in some documents for the future casual employment. 
Dropped by at the university's book store to browse through the cool gadgets they are selling. 
Although it's a uni book store, they are selling stuff like battery packs for smartphones, phone cases, stethoscopes for medical students, tshirts with uni logo emblazoned on them, and some toys. 
I came across this. 

Well this reminded me of my ex. On the very first day we met, I was invited to his place. 
Was impressed with the collection of cameras he had. Lomo, and some other I dun know what to call cameras (hyphen needed). At least I had something to ask him and so the conversation could continue that time haha.. 
He told me how he made the camera himself, something I hadn't heard of. Now I've seen it myself finally. 
Sometimes I really wonder if he thinks about me at all. Just like how I think about him when I see things that conjure up all those memories. 
Also, I was very happy last night beca…

MCC gay church

Have been waking up really late for the last few days or few weeks probably? 
Same thing: always hard to fall asleep, getting up to pee once or twice and going back to sleep. 
Was planning to go to Newcastle, a city north of Sydney today to visit a new friend but as I was still feeling tired and heavy headed I called it off. 
Went to the city for lunch. Didn't know where to eat. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, just so much in my head. 
Ended up having hainanese chicken rice at an 'okay' place, nothing exciting. 
Took a short stroll before heading home. 
Again, I was reminded about things we did and places we went. 
  This is the Sydney town hall building, from the side. You won't miss this building because no matter where u go , it seems like u will pass by this place. And tell you what, I have been walking for past this place for more than two years and didn't know it's the town hall. 
I can be that ignorant. 

Across the town hall building is the queen Victoria buildin…

Been more than 3 months

It's been more than 3 months since I last had a sexual contact.

Ever since my last sexual episode, (I being the top and had unprotected oral sex) I had bouts of worries, panic attacks and possibly depression according to my GP.

Things were getting better. My last test, taken more than 12 weeks post that, was negative. I started weights in gym again. I tried to talk to new friends. I had a hair cut two days ago. I had a house party last night.

But having no sexual/ body contact with someone for more than 3 months had made me quite horny recently, to be honest. Nonetheless, I tried to control my thoughts, and just jerked off, fantasized, watched porn. All safe things.

This evening, I messaged a guy on Jack'D. He stated on his profile that he's both a personal trainer and a masseur. He's free to meet this evening too.

Him: $80 for massage, $100 for 'happy ending' and $150 for erotic naked massage
Him: so do you only wan professional massage
Me: Err is that ok?

Building body

After months of being depressed and abandoning my gymming routine, I just recently started weights again. 
My 'peak' time was when I was in Sg. Even had a personal trainer that time and was so into it. I didn't look very good even back then buy at least better than now. 
I got lazy once when got into my first relationship and when I was back in oz. 
Of course there are many hunks here but they are mostly Caucasians and are just too big. Not very realistic comparisons and hence the lack of motivation. 
A random search on jackd for guys in hk and Sg would definitely push me to work harder. 
Came across this thing when I was doing my grocery shopping the other day. 

I have tried buying the one in packet milk form made by Aussie Body. 
I could feel that it helped me to last longer in gym and I could lift weights after some cardio if I drink that between cardio and weights. 
And post workout sore has been reduced quite significantly too. 
Has anyone taken protein supplements? Any tips t…

One-week Love (Final Part)

Monday, Friday and finally Saturday night.

He told me he had a dinner planned that night, with a friend, but the friend ditched him last minute.

So I asked him if he wanted to go to the Quay to see the special fireworks, as part of this big Fleet Review event going on in Sydney at the moment.

It was a warmer night. After having my dinner, Taro Pork Belly with Rice (doesn't sound to glam does it?), I walked over to his apartment and waited for him.

On my way, I saw an Asian couple in their 20s probably. One of them was reaching out his hand to hold the other's. It's such a random yet beautiful scene. I saw hope for the gay community.

There were heaps of people on the streets in city that night. The crowd grew as we approached the Quay. As the roads were closed for motor vehicles, we were able to walk right at the center of the roads like a boss.

The fireworks part was a bit disappointing, as we were arriving just on time, and because we didn't get there earlier, all the…

One-week Love (Part 2)

Guylian. Harbour. Playground. Hugged. Held hands.

These were on the first night.

I didn't sleep well that night. It was late when I got home. I was very excited, to have met someone that I could connect with (mentally and physically *shy*).

I am not sure if I had much sleep that night. But I did remember having a weird dream.

I dreamed about bears, the black bear and the polar bear, and some other animals which I couldn't remember. Yes, why bears? Haha. Because, probably, he bear hugged me that night. Yes, that's the type of hug that makes you fall for a person.

Another contributing factor to this weird dream would be the humungus rats we saw that night in the playground. Yes, right in the city, rats scavenged for food at night.

That was Monday night.

We continued to chat, on and off, for the next few days. Flirts and generally what-are-you-doing messages.

There was a night, probably Wednesday night, around 10 that he said he would like to have ice-cream. I think he was re…

One-week love

I haven't been writing for about a week and that's because I have been waiting for it to somehow conclude, so I can pen it down, in the most beautiful way possible.

Yes, this is going to be a 'love' story, albeit a rather short one.

Received a text on Jack'D exactly a week ago from him who only had three professionally taken studio photos.

I was a bit surprised because I don't normally get messages from 'this sort of profiles'. (They normally go for guys with topless pictures, flaunting their abs)

Yes, I was surprised but I wasn't being 'desperate'. I replied, saying thanks and demanded for 'other pics' as the ones he had were taken with shades. At that point, I didn't expect him to reply but he did, with two more 'everyday' photos of him.

I was 'quite happy' with the photos. Not drop dead gorgeous but enough to stimulate my interest. (I think I'm kinda superficial?)

On Monday, I texted him and asked if he wou…