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Positive Thinking Starting Everyday!

Today at the gym:

PT: Hey, how have you been?
Me: Hmm.. It's alright.
PT: Well, my boss told me that one cannot just be 'alright'. It's either good or bad. 
Me: I have just been busy organising for the move, probably that's why. 
I noticed he always had this really positive and cheerful vibe. 
Me: You are always so happy. 
PT: Well, yea, I guess I am, there's no reason to not be right? 

I noticed this stark contrast between my PT and I. He told me about his upcoming trips with his gf to the Great Barrier Reef, and later to Europe. He's always so full of energy too. He doesn't just stand there. He stands with good posture, plays with the exercise ball on his hand, his body language clearly signals that he is a very happy person. 
I took the train to the city for a walk after lunch. 
On the train, I took out my phone and googled "Why am i so negative?" 
I clicked on the first search result:
Negative thinking is a survival strategy that causes us to loo…