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Plane Spotting

9.47 pm Sunday night.
Listening to Wanting as I type. Had leftover chinese sausage fried rice for dinner. Dearest Jay was here the afternoon, sent him to the station before dinner time. 
It's a pretty nice weekend. Except Friday night, as I messed it up a little myself. I was feeling tired, mentally and physically already by the time we met up. Anyway, we argued  discussed about my future plans. Mainly because I was worried that my future plans would not progress in the most ideal way I had hoped it to be and that financially, I couldn't earn as much as him. And the other issues surrounding this. I have to say that if not for his rather high level of tolerance, he would either have killed me or left me already. 
In my last post, I complained about him. Can't really remember now what it was exactly, but I think it was about how he failed to communicate with me effectively and/or me having to guess what his plans were...Anyway, I think he has been forced to considered my com…

Not sensitive

I am feeling annoyed for no real reason.

Actually it's since last night. I was dismayed by his lack of sensitivity and reciprocation. How could he just leave like that. I know it was late, but honestly i felt a bit degraded.

Should I tell him? But how? Perhaps it's just a one-off and hence it's not necessary to bring it up unless he repeats it?

He probably didn't realise I feel offended, and am still feeling the resentment.

He is usually sensitive but why?

What's worse is that he probably thinks I am fine and did not even call me until I did so this afternoon. Well I told you I got to do my readings in the afternoon, but you could still ask me out for dinner.

Totally not in the mood to do anything. It is tormenting having to guess what the other person is thinking/doing/feeling.

I need a stress ball or a punching bag right now!