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Good GP

So, today, I kinda forgot the fact that I am a student who should be putting all my time on my research project.

Seems like CHANGING really takes a lot of determination and focus.

Went to the clinic this morning to collect the test results. Appointment was at 11am but waited for an hour. Ridiculous. I was losing my patience already, but what could I do? Was told by the receptionist that the doctor was running late with all her appointments since the morning.

The doctor I saw today was different from the one I saw two days earlier. This time, according to my prior research, she's actually an assoc. professor at the general practice department of the medical school in my uni. So she should be pretty knowledgeable.

Fortunately, she turned out to be one of the best doctors I have ever seen.

The HIV test came back clear (thank God!). But she was intrigued by my Red Blood Cells count. I told her that it's not a problem because, though they were slightly abnormal, I was told by all m…

Media Action & Test

It's my first time participating in a 'media action'. Can't disclose too much here, but we were surrounded by reporters and cameras. Not sure if we made it to the TV news though.

Two days ago, David called me and asked if I would be interested to help out. My job was simple. I didn't have to speak out. I only had to hold a placard that said '[location] cares about affordable transport'. So there were about 20 of us, each holding a placard to represent different areas across NSW.

The whole thing only lasted for about 20 minutes. It was a fun experience though.

After the event, I lied  that I wanted to walk around the city. I actually made an appointment for a body check today.

It's been more than 3 months since the exposure. And the last test was done after 9 weeks. I want to be hundred percent certain, and I want to put this behind and move forward, without having to associate random symptoms i have with the exposure.

I went to a private practice this t…

I slipped and fell

Despite so many other things that I wanted to blog about, this turned out to be the highlight of the day.

I slipped. And I fell.

Again, it all started out as a pleasant day. Went to the gym at noon to finish some workouts that I didn't get to do last night.

Came home, rested a bit before I ventured out to the city to buy stuff. I bought a Hugo Boss to mask my body odour. The thing with me is that I can't use any deodorant or antiperspirant. It all started last year. They give me pimples or cyst or whatever u call them in my armpits. I don't spray the perfume onto my armpits but on my clothes.

I also bought a shirt (no pic) so that I can be appropriately dressed to an event at uni tomorrow.

Then, I took a bus home. I walked to the nearby supermarket before heading home, to get some instant noodles for dinner.

And it happened. My eyes were fixed on the guys checking out at the self-checkout registers when I slipped.

I did it gracefully though. Just like how the Winter Olympi…

Money matters & half day at the library

Nothing really special.

Slept in until 11am? How do you define  sleeping in? I woke up multiple times, to pee, to have breakfast, to have a quick look at the phone, then allowing myself to wander back into dreamland.

I have decided to 'do something about my life'! LOL

Seriously, I can't keep spending money on food, etc and not being productive. Being a student, I should be studying  as hard as I can right?

So I stopped myself from switching my Macbook to windows mode, so that I don't play Dota. (Oh, by the way, I recently learned to play this new hero, it's a Phoenix, so cool, I learned fast, ...., but let's forget about it for now)

Arrived at the library at around 1pm and stayed there till 5pm. Didn't know that it closes at 5 on Fridays now. Did some reading, quite productive la, given that journal articles aren't really that user-friendly.

Having some cash flows problems recently. Can't really write about the details here. But I should be fine.



Wow, it's been a week since I last wrote something.

What's bothering me now, seriously, is the rash on my chest.

I decided to 'start anew'. I wanted so much to be a good student again. I wanted so much to do really really well in my last semester.

So I drew up a to-do list for today.

I dumped the suitcase that had glass shards in it as it was too hard to clean and one of the wheels was broken, four years dy anyway. I went to K-Mart to look for a cheap shoe rack for my room but changed my mind because I didn't want to spend the money when I am actually able to just arrange the shoes nicely. I then went to the uni library, and finally gathered the courage to email my supervisor, informing her that I am back and wanting to start. I even went to the gym, did some lifting after almost a month of zero workout.

Then I came back and showered. As I was showering, I noticed there were some rashes on my chest. Hard to describe. Little red bumps scattered mostly on the left si…

3 Things They Taught Me

1) Don't forget your 'big teeth'

Because of the wisdom tooth extraction, I have to be extra careful when I eat. For the first two days, I could only have milk, yoghurt, milo + oats, lamington, etc. No chewing as I was afraid the wound would be affected. Today, the bleeding has stopped completely and I tried to take some soft food, like pumpkin cous cous and Persian rice from the salad bar. I tried my best to only chew using my front teeth, as I wanted to avoid having food particles trapped in the 'socket' (the hole).

This reminded me of my grandma. She was the one who 'enlightened' me. Yes, like how Buddha attained enlightenment. My grandma spoon-fed me till I was in Primary 1 or 2. (Don't be jealous!! haha)

One day, while feeding me, she said she noticed that I had been chewing with my front teeth only. I had been eating very slow. Because I had only been told to 'quickly eat/quickly chew', and 'teeth' = the front teeth I saw in every …

Wisdom tooth Out!!!

Thank god that the surgery went smoothly. 
Took a cab to the surgery as I was running late, as usual... 
Was feeling very nervous. Had my earphone plugged in, could hear the chat between the surgeon and the assistant but wasn't really listening. Wasn't really listening to the Bruno Mars i was playing either. Kept praying the whole time. 
Should be three little glass tubes of Anaesthetics. Ten mins later, the real thing began. 
I could feel the surgeon pushing really hard. Like how you use a scoop, push it hard into the soul and scoop the plant out. 
It only took about ten mins for it to be taken out. Bottom left. 
I knew it was over when I could feel the stitches touching my lips. There was absolutely no pain throughout the procedure. 
I was told to get nurofen plus. Unlike nurofen and nurofen advance, this is kept by the pharmacists. Prescription was not necessary but u can't get it on the shelf. It has got the usual ibuprofen, and codeine phosphate which is going to be c…

Twitter. Follow me!

Look at the right side>>>>>
I created a Twitter account last night and also inserted a widget on this blog. 
I am still not very good with Twitter, and don't know if anyone can just write on this widget like a mini chat box. So try it out and let me know thanks! 
Also, if you're using Twitter, let me know so I can follow you :)

Broken Mirror

If only I could have less (bad) things to write about.

I discovered that the mirror I had brought with me had broken. It had the size of a iPad mini.

What I didn't realise until just now was that not only did it leave pieces of broken glasses in my suitcase, it also produced glass shards that were as tiny as powder.

These powdery glass shards were not as visible. I shone the torch on my clothes and was shocked with the glitter.

I also cut myself when I tried to remove those larger pieces of broken glasses.

Is it a bad omen? I don't know but it had definitely given me more work.

I am washing those clothes now. Hopefully the powdery glass shards will get rinsed out. If not hopefully the dryer will filter them out when I dry them later.

And then, I have got to go through about 20 pieces of these clothing, under the table lamp to kinda make sure that there aren't any left. Otherwise, I will have to dump them away :(


Last night, my aunt called me on Skype…

'Out There' BBC Stephen Fry

What I did this morning:

Purchased a spray (Terbinafine) and sprayed it on my slippers and inside of my shoes, to hopefully kill the fungus that 'might' be present.

Wiped the floor inside my room with a multipurpose spray by Dettol (Benzalkonium Chloride). Don't know if this can kill fungus or not.

Then I came across this Article. Basically what it's saying is that there are more than a hundred types  (or is it a thousand?) fungus and bacteria that are living naturally in our bodies and on our skin. As long as we are healthy, these 'friendly' fungus and bacteria will help to inhibit the growth of 'bad' fungus and bacteria. Like how we take 'probiotics' that are good for our guts.

But for now, I can't care so much la. I have done what I could. Used 'Lamisil Once', keeping my feet clean and dry. Just leave it to God and have trust in him that everything will be fine.. Worrying is not going to help me.

Back to Stephen Fry.

So apparently…

Back in Sydney!

Arrived this morning.

First time flying with an Airbus (A330-300) to Sydney. Since the plane is made by a different maker, as opposed to Boeing which is usually the plane used for this route by most airlines, there are some differences.

The lighting in the toilet is better, it makes you look better without revealing all the wrinkles and blemishes on your face, unlike the harsh lighting in older Boeing planes.

The new A330-300 also has a bigger touchscreen display. Watched Gravity and Police Story (2004). Enjoyed watching Gravity, especially when I was so many kilometres above the ground.

Quality of food served by this particular airline has been deteriorating. Flew with it over the last few years and it's all going downhill. Not to mention the quality of air stewards and stewardesses. Serious brain drain.

LCCT is like a refugee camp, while KLIA is no better. International visitors are no longer favouring Malaysia as a prime destination, as evidenced by the lack of international ar…

Fourth Day of CNY (初四)

Am feeling very very tired right now. Just spent 8 hours in the car today. Traffic was heavy but still moveable thankfully.

Can't really do a proper summary for the happenings in the last few days. But I can say that the 'climax' of this CNY thing has passed.

Despite the usual quibbles, which were rather harmless (i hope), i guess we were still enjoying each other's company.

Dad and mum have to go back to work on Wednesday. A day before I leave for Sydney.

Sisters have also left for work and study. So the remaining two days here would be quite quiet. Not planning any meet ups with friends either as they have also either left the town or haven't been back.

As with most other families, there are some characters within the extended family that I don't really like. But I am glad that I did manage it well this year, by maintaining a friendly smile throughout.

Paternal grandma's lucid moments seem to be diminishing, while maternal grandma suffers from a really w…