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Should I migrate to Facebook

I am thinking if I should switch to using a Facebook page instead. 
Pros - Easier to follow, to be followed. The Blogger 'follow' functionality is not as user-friendly.  - Tagging. Able to tag people easily, so those who are mentioned in a post would receive an instant notification.  - Easier to manage. Same login details as my personal Facebook profile (though the 'administrator' of a Page would not be shown on the Page). I check my Facebook ten thousand times a day, the Facebook app is updated constantly on smartphones. 
Cons - Everyone who reads my blog now has a Facebook account, but most would not be comfortable posting comments, liking the Page using their personal Facebook account.  - Cannot easily move the old posts across to Facebook. There is an option to 'backdate' posts, but I can only backdate posts to the date the Page is created, nothing earlier than Page creation date. 
Option 1: Don't move Option 2: Move.  Option 3: Middle ground solution. …

Time OFF

I was actually more than half way through writing a post, more than a week ago, but I couldn't bring myself to complete it.

To keep things short, we broke up numerous times, we tried to get back together.

This time, things got out of hand. With the help of a friend, we decided to try to stop contacting each other for 4 weeks.

I don't want to dedicate this post to explaining how we got to this point. It would be too long, and too unpleasant to write. Instead, I simply need to pen down how I am feeling right now, and with the things that have been happening recently.


More than 2 months ago, I started feeling slightly bloated on the left side of my abdomen when I lay down on my bed at night. Initially i thought it had to do with my back. So I went to see the chiropractor. I even got myself a new pillow. He said my butt (pelvic bone) was misaligned and he did some adjustments. The adjustments didn't really work, and he told me he actually couldn't figure out what'…